Apelie Robotics

Apelie is a new company that builds robots that help to solve multi-area problems. The team has the ideas, the tech, and the knowledge to create new robots for custom problems. We were inspired by the cars brands, that put an icon in front of the vehicle and the name on the back. We developed an entire typography to do that, using the same main shapes to do the icon and the logotype. The rest of the system is based on grids that let the brand create many communication parts, digital, and print. In this first stage of the brand, we helped in the final art of the aesthetic of the robots with 3D design and direction. Altogether, the identity navigates between old and new feelings, some nostalgia, binary language and symbols, and new ways to show it up. The inspiration for those feelings were Nasa, Nintendo, Star Wars, that kind of sensations summed up in this last thought; "let's make robots fun again, like when we were kids"

Concept & Design: PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Mauricio Gallegos &, Gastón Garcia Aja
Type Animation: Mauricio Gallegos
3D Design & Animation: Martín Cañadell
Photography: Gastón Garcia Aja

Insta / @pazmiamor

Buenos Aires & Barcelona