Artistic Memes

"Artistic Memes" is a personal project that reinterprets "memes" using artistic movements from around the world throughout history, materialized in poster format. With purely digital techniques, four posters were designed with their respective "memes" that try to cover Neo-expressionism (Painting: "Trolsquiat"), Post-Impressionism (Painting: "Van Harold"), Cubism (Painting: "Rollasso Safe") and Dadaism (Painting : "Kurt Chloe). This project will continue when the memes and the art, crush again.

Meme 1
Meme 2
Meme 3
Meme 4
Meme 5

Personal Project
Team: Mauricio Gallegos / Gastón Garcia Aja
Photography: Carlo Urrego

Buenos Aires (2021)