Lumen is an export project that prepares products and services from local markets to enter international markets, based on research and coaching. We were focus on "projection" as the main concept, inspired by the slides that enter the palm of the hand and that through a machine, expand to be within everyone's reach; an analogy to what happens in the export, that feeling of getting bigger. Lumen refers to the power of the projectors, a direct analogy to the ability to expand throughlight. Aesthetically, we represent the world with a circle and the export with arrows. We decided to apply the laws of physics to our little circle; the gravity in the arrows explains that in something that dreams and futurology apply, there are also rules Considering the nature of the export-related coaching and research service offered by Lumen, most of the graphic pieces of this identity are digital. The animation of the graphic resources are living in the entire development of the brand.

Lumen 1
Lumen 2
Lumen 3
Lumen 4
Lumen 6

Client: LUMEN
Branding: PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Mauricio Gallegos / Gastón Garcia Aja

Córdoba, Argentina (2020)