Manifesto is an experimental learning camp that has no physical campus. It has alternative teaching methods and an adaptable academic curriculum to fit with the interest of each student. This point makes Manifesto an independent school without binding decisions on the content to study. In other words, the students can not only choose the entire career to study, they can also choose the subjects. The identity of Manifesto is a mix of curiosity, experimentation and the "alternative side" of things. Each of the nine letters of the word has a different and independent aesthetic development to explore. The branding combines a fixed system with a dynamic one. The fixed system was thought for the needs of using the information in communication pieces like infographics and digital flyers. It is adaptable according to size and spaces, and manages to bring professionalism and functionality to the entire identity. The dynamic system changes based on the style of each letter and can generate an enormous and colorful graphic system without losing the personality of the project , bringing modernity and versatility to the brand.

Branding: PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Gastón Garcia Aja / Mauricio Gallegos

Córdoba, Argentina (2020)