The new narrative, new brand architecture, and new graphic identity for MAS, a human resources consulting firm based in Santiago, Chile. From autonomous identities for its business units to a power symbol and system that brings back all the importance and exposure to the main group identity. A new icon that represents a multiplication, rather than an evident addition, and a system that allows each unit to be identified while maintaining versatility and autonomy. The new graphic system of MAS has two different worlds. Full color, white backgrounds, and clean elements go for the main group institutional communication. A limited color palette, grey backgrounds, and out-of-context size of the elements, go with the communication of each business unit. Both systems work together being different. Clean and noisy, simplicity and mess, serious and playful.

Concept & Design: PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Mauricio Gallegos & Gastón Garcia Aja
Animation: Mauricio Gallegos & Martín Cañadell
Photography: Gastón Garcia Aja

Insta / @pazmiamor

Santiago de Chile, Chile.