Monocle Type Photoshoot

Monocle is display typography inspired by the old monocles, magnifying glasses, and their refraction indexes. Basically, bypassing a magnifying glass over any object, what happens inside changes and gives rise to something new and unpredictable. In the first stage of the project, we tried to recreate shapes and colors of digital environments, mixing a 3D language with animation. Now, we tried to mix worlds, digital and real, adding size, lights, texture, colors, and shadows with real photos. We took the exercise to the streets of Barcelona, re-creating random compositions of a real light making a move to a 3D object and backward. The final result looks new and old at the same time, but best of all, they look real, because they are real.

Idea & Art Direction: PAZ MIAMOR
Type Design: Mauricio Gallegos, Gastón Garcia Aja & Martín Cañadell
Animation & 3D: Martín Cañadell
Photography: Gastón Garcia Aja

Insta / @pazmiamor & @martincanadell

Buenos Aires & Barcelona