Rebranding of ROJO, a visual effects, post-production, and color grading studio working for advertising, TV series, and films, based in Buenos Aires, working worldwide. This company works with a large number of studios and collaborators, at different moments of an audiovisual project. In other words, they are always part of a team that is bigger than themselves. The logotype tries to represent that connection in a very strong and aesthetic way, showing a lot of personality without the need of a very elaborate graphic system. Rojo's logotype is big, bold, and black. The background colors of the identity change all the time, whether they are video images or textures of real elements.

Client: ROJO
Team: Mauricio Gallegos & Gastón Garcia Aja
3D & Animation: Martín Cañadell
Photography: Gastón Garcia Aja

Insta / @pazmiamor

Buenos Aires, Argentina