Yema is an experimental project on clothes that was created to be the most personal and representative brand of a group of brands belonging to the same owner. Based on the idea of conveying clothes with personal wishes, both design and fabrics, and without thinking on fashion or individual preferences, Yema’s main concept is expression. The expression itself comprises two sides: one visible and the other one invisible. Particularly in fashion, it is based on the visible side. In this case, we work on both sides: the private which is unseen, and the one that communicates from the outside, considering each piece of clothes as a communicative element that consists of these two sides. As for the analysis of the concept of expression, we discovered that people permanently fight between two inner selves: the visible side –which is the one they pretend to be–, and the invisible side –which involves the unconscious and real feelings–. We discovered that truly expressing oneself means being able to show our both visible and invisible sides. We also became aware of the fact that in order to completely show ourselves and express our inner selves as we are, it takes guts. The name chosen in Spanish (“egg yolk”) covers up in a way those guts.

Yema 1
Yema 2
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Client: YEMA
Branding: PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Mauricio Gallegos / Gastón Garcia Aja
Photography: Alvaro Picca
Model: Shakespeare Rock Salvador

Córdoba, Argentina (2019)