Bemvindas is a housing project located in Rivadavia, San Juan, Argentina that has a particularity in the design that makes the duplexes interesting, beyond its architectural quality. The 6 duplexEs are connected to each other from one street that becomes a public space, increasing the meters and the private garden of each house; a “welcome / bemvindo” space, especially for the category of homes to which Bemvindas belongs. The application of the logo in pattern is a direct reference to the visible brick screening that the whole project looks like. Along with this and other characteristics, an honest identity was built that seeks to highlight the materials and the general idea of ​​the project from sincerity and details.

Bemvindas 1
Bemvindas 2
Bemvindas 3
Bemvindas 4
Bemvindas 5

Naming / Concept & Branding: PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Gastón Garcia Aja / Mauricio Gallegos
Architecture: Estudio Montevideo
Photography: Derio Ilari

San Juan, Argentina (2020)