PAZ MIAMOR is a graphic design duo formed by Mauricio Gallegos & Gastón García Aja, founded in Córdoba Argentina in 2024. Currently based in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, working all over the world.

The studio tries to connect projects with real people, focusing on the idea and concept to create value in an honest, powerful and beautiful way.

Identity development is the main core of PM's work. Combined with different graphic and strategic skills, the studio also works in other areas of graphic design, such as packaging, 3D development, animation, typography, illustration, campaign and web design.

All of PM's work is strategic and communicative in its approach. Synthesis is one of the characteristics that runs through all the cases. Also, a certain level of disruption and high quality at the end of each project. There is no single aesthetic. In general, all projects are developed with a different style, technique and narrative, trying to achieve the best result for each project.

PM's works in collaboration with friends living in different parts of the world, and tries to keep things simple and close, closing the gap between the client and the studio as much as possible.


Gastón Garcia Aja (CO-Founder & Designer)
Barcelona, España

Mauricio Gallegos (CO-Founder & Designer)
Buenos Aires, Argentina