La Kitchen

From Paris to Saveedra. Inspired by the traditional aesthetics of the Parisian boulangerie, adapted to the particular and beautiful local culture of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. This new identity tries to join the transparency and honesty that exists in their products and experiences, from a sincere and fun design. Everything is related to the "mix", to the handmade, to an attitude of disruption against the established, and to a non-graphic identity full of content that makes their public, true fans. It is possible to simplify in a logo what happens in La-Ki, but that is not enough. This identity has many ways of expressing itself, starting with simple typographies that adapt to new compositions. The acrylic illustrations made by Gabriel Sciutto converse with the idea of doing things manually, with a mature sense of humor and beauty.

Client: La Kitchen
Re-brand Project by PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Gastón Garcia Aja / Mauricio Gallegos
Illustration: Gabriel Sciutto

Animation: Martín Cañadell

Insta / @pazmiamor

Buenos Aires, Argentina