PLANTARIO is a plant-based brand that makes burgers with local ingredients and recipes inspired by different parts of the world. The name is a combination of Spanish words that means; a planet full of plants. The narrative is all about the concept of responsible consumption. We know that we can not save the world by making vegan burgers, but we can be the first step of a habit-changing that could help to keep the planet alive for a little bit longer. If you can choose a vegetable burger instead of a meat one, maybe you can also change something else, and that´s when the wheel starts to turn. We tried to make the most eco-friendly packaging that we could, understanding that we are selling refrigerated food. We use the thinnest kraft paper that works for the occasion and the less ink intervention to reduce the carbon footprint of the final product. We believe that this is the right move and we are so happy to be part of projects that think the same. If you are not on the side of things that tries to help the planet, well, you are on the wrong side. "PLANTARIO is an idea that respects the planet, from the food that we eat to the small habits that contribute to the cause. Move to the right side is the main idea, the side that helps the planet. It’s not perfect and it’s not going to happen tomorrow, it’s going to take time but we have to start at some point and if given the chance to a vegan burger it’s going to be an initiation ceremony or a historical event, all the work that we have done is worth it."

Client: Plantario
Branding, Packaging & Narrative: PAZ MIAMOR
Team: Gastón Garcia Aja / Mauricio Gallegos
Photography: Alvaro Picca

Insta / @pazmiamor

Córdoba, Argentina